Larry Srubas (Left) Mario Mares (Right) at The Earth X Expo 2019 in Dallas

The very last episode of a British television program called "Grand Design" showed a couple having a 'cork-based cladding' applied to the brick exterior of the home they were building and renovating.  Since Larry (left) has never liked the brick on his house he was intrigued by the process and the result. He researched how he could have this done, but the closest applicator was a five-hour drive away.  After speaking with the manufacturer, Larry started writing his business plan, contacted Mario Mares who had done fantastic work at his house and now they are providing Thermal CorkShield to new construction and renovation projects just like the one Larry saw on the television program. Mario (right) has worked in home construction for many years now and when Larry came to him with this opportunity he was all on board. Working in this industry for so long Mario knew there was a huge market for this service. Now Larry and Mario apply their Thermal CorkShield™ to residential homes, commercial buildings, and hotels leaving all of their clients happy and loving their new look!